Sheffield mum’s mission for children’s ward

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A miracle baby, born weighing less than a block of butter, has inspired her mum to sign up for a superheroes event.

Becky Kier, of Batemoor, gave birth to daughter Peyton at Sheffield’s Jessops Wing just 24 weeks into her pregnancy.

Becky, aged 27, says the care that the amazing staff on the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit gave to her and her baby, has made her determined to give something back.

The Sheffield mum is now taking part in Sheffield Hospitals Charity’s annual Jessops Superheroes event - a sponsored 2.5k or 4k family walk, which has raised more than £50k in the last three years, to help raise funds to improve the care and treatment of babies and their families on the Jessop Wing and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Becky said: “The staff at the Jessop Wing really are superheroes in our eyes and, without them, Peyton wouldn’t be here today. We owe them the world.”

“Everything was going great in my pregnancy but then, in July last year, I had a bleed.

“I was rushed to the Jessop Wing, my blood pressure dangerously high, and after examination I was found to be two centimetres dilated. I was given two steroid injections to mature my baby’s lungs and was then prepared for what could happen.

“Our baby girl was born, weighing just 811 grams. I was in tears, she was beautiful. She managed to let out a little cry and, within seconds, a team of doctors and nurses rushed in.

“Peyton is now eight months old and is doing really well. Development wise, she is within the top fifty percent of babies for her age. The care we received at NICU was out of this world.”

This year’s event akes place on Sunday May 21 at Graves Park at 10.30am.