Sheffield mum’s appeal over burglary

Pictured is Alison Law of Dykes Lane,Wisewood, with her 12 months old daughter Laney.
Pictured is Alison Law of Dykes Lane,Wisewood, with her 12 months old daughter Laney.
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A Sheffield mum has appealed for the return of irreplaceable photos of her baby after a lifesaving operation, which were stolen in a burglary.

Alison Law has been left devastated after thieves struck at her home in Dykes Lane, Hillsborough, and pinched her laptop computer containing the precious images.

The burglars, who broke in on Monday, at about 3am, also stole her fiancé’s Ford Mondeo car, a 50-inch flatscreen television, digital SLR camera and a Sony Playstation 3 games console.

However, it is the loss of the sentimental photographs which has upset the young mum most.

The 25-year-old said: “I feel so angry and upset they could do this to me.”

Her 11-month-old daughter, Laney Law-Smith, has a congential heart condition, which means one of her main arteries is too thin.

In July, she underwent open heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary and Alison took pictures of her battle back to health.

Alison wanted to make a scrapbook for Laney, who turns one this week, to read when she is older and help her and her fiancé Scott Smith, through their ordeal.

Alison said: “We have had a bad year and now this.

“There are pictures of Laney on the hard drive with the surgeon who saved her life when she had open heart surgery

“Those pictures meant the world to me. I don’t care about the other things – it’s just the pictures I want back.”

Alison, who works for law firm Irwin Mitchell, and Scott, also 25, were woken by neighbours on Monday to find their back door locks had been removed.

They then found their belongings were missing, along with Scott’s car.

Pictures of the couple’s recent engagement party were on the stolen camera.

Alison said: “While she was in hospital Laney caught meningitis and pneumonia and we took about 100 photos. Those pictures are gone now.

“If anyone has the laptop I’d beg them to give the photos back.

“Being burgled feels like an invasion. It’s horrible to think people have been in your house, touching your things.

“They have wiped out two of the most important things that have happened to us this year.”

Police confirmed they were investigating the burglary and said five properties were targeted in Hillsborough and Wisewood on Sunday night.

Acting Detective Inspector Wayne Price said: “A laptop or camera is just a commodity to a burglar, but to the owner its contents are usually priceless.

“Invading someone’s home and taking their treasured memories is a heartless offence and I hope the individuals who committed these crimes think about the impact on their victims.”

A second property was targeted on Dykes Lane in an attempted burglary but nothing was stolen, while two homes were targeted on Studfield Road, Wisewood, with items including a laptop, bank cards, tablet computers and a games console stolen from one. Burglars also tried – and failed – to break in to a home on Hallowmoor Road, Wisewood.

Anyone with information about the raids is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101.