Sheffield mum launches new hand-painted vegan friendly jackets to '˜make the world brighter'

The clothing we choose gives out message to the world '“ and Aimee Hughes has made sure her jackets gives out a positive one.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 10:42 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 10:47 am
Vegan friendly hand painted jacket brand, The Good Life, by Sheffield-based social media marketer and entrepreneur and mum Aimee Hughes. Aimee is pictured left in one of her jackets with best friend Leanne Marshall. Photo by Leanne Marshall.

Aimee has launched a new vegan friendly hand painted jacket brand, The Good Life.

The Good Life, as the name suggests is all about promoting good things '“ good materials and good thoughts and feelings.

Vegan friendly hand painted jacket brand, The Good Life, by Sheffield-based social media marketer and entrepreneur and mum Aimee Hughes. Photo by Leanne Marshall.

Aimee said: 'It is a brand for positive minds and people that care about issues surrounding mental health and empowering one another.

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'Mental health issues have affected my friends and family and I think the stigma surrounding mental health needs to be changed.'

Aimee had been painting the jackets for two years before she decided to build her business, which officially launched yesterday.

She said: 'I have been vegan myself for over a year now and although vegan friendly clothing is coming on leaps and bounds, I couldn't find anything hand painted that used vegan or eco-friendly materials so I decided that now was the time to take my hobby further and launch my own brand.'

Aimee, a social media marketer and entrepreneur from Sheffield, sources vintage grade jackets from UK sellers and I then uses vegan friendly paint from a brand called Sennelier to paint her bold and vibrant designs on the back of them.

As the designs are hand-painted, part of the beauty of them is that each one will be slightly different. It is also unlikely that the exact same jacket will be available more than once too '“ so if you order from Aimee you will get a product that is unique to you.

Each design takes between ten and 15 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. Aimee creates all her jackets at home, and is building an office and studio space in the attic to accomodate what she hopes will be a growing business.

Aimee, who is a mum-of-two, said: 'My designs at the moment whole-heartedly represent me at this stage of my life; being in a good head space, building each other up and trying to make your outlook on the world a tiny bit brighter. 

Ten jackets are available for the brand launch. Existing designs are available to buy instantly. A bespoke service is also available. Buy yourself one of Aimee's jackets by searching '˜TheGoodLifeCoByAimee' on Etsy. Search  '˜@thegoodlifecobyaimee' on Instagram and Twitter for more details.

'Positive body image, empowerment and personal growth '“ mentally and physically - is something I feel passionate about.

'I have spent many years following the media hype of what 'perfect' is and how we should all look and act a certain way, but I've realised that we are not less than anybody else because of how we look, think or act.

'That's essentially why the brand is called The Good Life, because we should be building other up not tearing them down.'