Sheffield mum bled to death after op

Louise Grant
Louise Grant
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A mum bled to death after a routine hospital operation went wrong, an inquest heard.

Mother-of-two Louise Grant, aged 46, went into the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield for a benign cyst to be removed from her lung but she never left the operating theatre.

Doctors failed to spot the ‘torrential’ bleeding which happened after sutures around her pulmonary artery became displaced after surgery.

Consultant cardio-thoracic surgeon John Edwards and pathologist Dr Naomi Carter both said it was the first time they had ever seen it happen.

Mr Edwards, who performed the operation, said: “In 17 years of thoracic surgery and thousands of operations I have never come across a suture dislodging from the pulmonary artery after the chest has been closed.

“I hope I never come across it again.”

Mrs Grant, of Ben Close, Loxley, who was married with two daughters, had been suffering from a cough and chest infections for several months, which antibiotics failed to clear up.

Surgeon Mr Edwards told the inquest the risks of surgery were explained.

“The risks of complications being fatal was very low but is never zero in chest surgery,” he said.

He said the operation was more complicated than first anticipated and he had to remove the lobe of Mrs Grant’s lung and divide the arteries and veins, using sutures to tie up the arteries.

As a chest drain was inserted into Mrs Grant to drain blood and fluid from her chest, the mum-of-two suffered a heart attack – and it was discovered only a small amount of blood had drained because a tube was kinked.

Frantic resuscitation attempts were tried for 20 minutes before Mr Edwards reopened the patient’s chest only to be met by a ‘torrential’ haemorrhage.

The surgeon said there were no signs of significant internal bleeding until the chest was opened up.

Mrs Grant died six hours after being wheeled into the operating theatre.

The hearing was adjourned.