Sheffield MPs clash over bedroom tax

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Sheffield MPs Paul Blomfield and Nick Clegg clashed at Deputy Prime Minister’s Question Time over the bedroom tax.

Central MP Mr Blomfield said: “Last week I met a disabled Sheffield grandmother who helps her two daughters stay in work by looking after her grandchildren overnight a few times a week.

“But two of her three bedrooms are deemed surplus by this government. In tears, she told me she could no longer make ends meet. The Deputy Prime Minister is now trying to distance himself from the Conservatives. Why not on the bedroom tax?”

Hallam MP Mr Clegg replied: “The fact that many families, including in Sheffield, live in overcrowded properties where there is not enough space for people to live in decent conditions, is a fundamental problem.

“Overcrowding is a real issue, yet we have many other places where people live in social rented accommodation with rooms that they do not need.

“In some way I know that the honorary gentleman wants to put his head in the sand like the rest of his party and does not want to deal with any of these difficult issues. We need to make sense of that, and that is what we are trying to do.”