Sheffield MP voices fears over plans to axe bursaries for nurses and midwives

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Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield has warned of NHS staff shortages if the Government goes ahead with plans to scrap bursaries for student nurses and midwives.

During a debate in Parliament, Paul Blomfield said more people in the Sheffield Central constituency had signed an e-petition against the plans than in any other parliamentary constituency.

The MP said: “So many people have written to me about their fears of the effect of withdrawing bursaries for nurses and midwives, like one constituent who wrote to me about her mum - from a working-class home, forced to leave school due to family circumstances, but, in desire for personal development and to be a positive role model for her children, she went to university and trained as a nurse.”

He said the woman who contacted him said her mum would not have been able to train without the bursary.

“The many people who have got in touch with me won’t be affected by this change; they have no personal axe to grind. But their experiences show what this change will mean for NHS recruitment, particularly among people from lower income families and mature students who can’t afford to take on additional debt,” he added.