Sheffield MP supports delay in allowance cut

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Sheffield MP supports delay in changes to disability allowance cut

Mr Blomfield, who represents Sheffield Central, said 53,000 students currently receive DSA and the Government’s plans to reduce the budget by 70 per cent.

The changes were due to be implemented for the 2015/16 academic year but will now come into force the following academic year.

The MP said: “The Government’s decision will make an enormous difference to disabled students in Sheffield and across the country who are making life-changing decisions about going to university next year.

“They will now be able to make those decisions without worrying about whether they will receive the support they need and deserve. I will continue to work with student representatives, the National Union of Students and others to encourage the Government to re-think its approach entirely, rather than simply delaying these cuts in vital support to disabled students.”

DSA provides support to disabled students to enable them to access higher education and help them study.

In July, My Blomfield, who is chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Students, challenged ministers in Parliament about the cuts, following meetings with student representatives and the National Association of Disability Practitioners.

During the debate, he said: “The minister identified what he described as unsustainable growth in spending on DSA, with an increase over this Parliament of £37 million. That is a tiny proportion of his budget and just six per cent of the £620 million growth in grants and loans to students in private colleges.”