Sheffield MP speaks out on Scotland vote

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg
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Sheffield MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claims there is no more momentous decision than the one facing people in Scotland next week, when they vote for or against independence.

Mr Clegg travelled to the Borders and spoke in Selkirk’s Market Square about the vote and denied his visit with Prime Minister David Cameron was in panic.

He said: “People say this is all last minute. This is something my party has been campaigning on for generations.

“Whatever the result on the 18th, even if Scotland votes to remain part of the UK, let’s be clear, the status quo has gone, not only for Scotland but for the whole of the UK.

“In my view we will be entering into not only a very exciting new chapter of devolution of power to Scotland but also be entering into a very exciting new chapter of decentralisation and devolution throughout the rest of the UK including in England as well.

“This is a momentous event which will affect everybody north and south of the border forever and that’s why it’s such a significant decision.”

Voters will go to the polls in Scotland on Thursday, September 18.