Sheffield MP opens up Big Conversation for constituents

A Sheffield MP is set to host his annual Big Conversation, to listen to peoples concerns and views, in order to shape his work in parliament.Â

Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 17:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 17:32 pm
Paul Blomfield MP. Picture: Chris Etchells

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield will be kicking off The Big Conversation 2018 next week, a community consultation comprising of around 40 events to allow his constituents to air their thoughts about issues which matter to them.


Some of the events during The Big Conversation 2018

The aim is to comprise all the information he has gathered over the three week event, in order to take the concerns to parliament and shape his future work whilst in Westminster.

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From September 14 to October 6 Blomfield will host a range of drop ins, open meetings and street surgeries in which constituents can visit to have their voice heard.


Mr Blomfield will also be holding topic based events to '˜reflect concerns' and will also hold an open meeting for small businesses. 


He said: 'I have been picking up that a lot of people are concerned about things like Brexit, so I will be holding an open meeting on that.


'Mental health is also a growing issue, particularly in younger people so we will hold an open meeting around that with Sheffield Mind.


'I will also be holding an open meeting on safer neighbourhoods with the Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings in Upperthorpe as I feel the recent knifings have unsettled the community.'


The Big Conversation was launched in 2012 as Blomfield says to '˜connect politics with the people' and to get them involved in the work he is doing in parliament.


He says that some concerns are often quite niche, and sometimes only effect a certain individual so without the Big Conversation he would have otherwise been unaware of the issues.


'It is to make their lives better. To be an effective MP you need the people to be your eyes and ears for effective change,' Mr Blomfield added.


In previous years, he has campaigned with other MPs against pay day lenders, after concerns were raised by constituents, which resulted in the Financial Conduct Authority introducing new rules.


Constituents will receive the Big Conversation survey through their door, and can also take part online.


Once the survey is complete, Mr Blomfield will then produce a report of the findings, before later updating constituents results and action taken to address their concerns.


For more information on the events or to look at last years report visit The Big Conversation 2018.