Sheffield MP Louise Haigh sparks concern with Syria bombing tweets

Sheffield Heeley MP, Louise Haigh
Sheffield Heeley MP, Louise Haigh
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Sheffield MP Louise Haigh sparked ‘concerns’ on Twitter after revealing figures about Syrian ground troops disclosed to MPs by the Ministry of Defence.

The Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley tweeted ahead of tomorrow’s Parliamentary vote on whether to extend airstrikes to Syria.

She tweeted: “National Security Adviser confirms number of moderates on ground in Syria is 40,000 rest are much more radical Islamists.”

Which was then followed up by another tweet after some raised ‘concerns’ about the source of the figure.

Miss Haigh added: “Appreciate concerns about my earlier tweet (!) To be clear, the meeting was a gvt briefing, not a security one (which MoD has confirmed) 1/4”

“attended by both MPs and staff, and not intended to be confidential (2/4)”

“MoD also confirmed that makeup of the 70k ground troops is of 40k ‘moderates’ & 30k ‘less moderates that are open to political debate’ (3/4)

“The gvt needs to be clear on exact makeup of the 70000 figure, which forms key aspect of case for military intervention ahead of vote (4/4)”

The figure relates to a statement made by Prime Minister David Cameron, in which he said that there are ‘around 70,000’ Syrian opposition fighters - but Miss Haigh suggested the MOD’s figures is ‘a departure from the impression previously given on the makeup of the troops.’