Sheffield MP calls for new politics

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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VETERAN Sheffield MP David Blunkett has investigated why politicians are disliked and what can be done to rebuild trust.

The Brightside and Hillsborough Labour politician and former Home Secretary believes the expenses scandal and the Government’s response to the financial crisis have ‘intertwined to greatly erode faith in politics and political institutions’.

The 2012 Audit of Political Engagement by the Hansard Society shows 42 per cent of the public say they are ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ interested in politics, down 16 per cent and below half for the first time.

Mr Blunkett said: “We need to ask ourselves precisely what the role of formal politics has to offer and how the public can be persuaded that a renewal of political engagement is the only way forward.

“A new way of explaining politics and then practising it has to be tried.”

“Not simply a handful of senior politicians agonising over impossible decisions, but an explanation of what has happened with the banking crisis, how it might be avoided in future and how a different process of doing our politics might engage people.”