Sheffield MP backs calls for reduction in testing on animals

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Sheffield MP Clive Betts has backed recent advances to reduce the use of animals in labortories.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which campaigns to end animal experiments, has called for an end to the use of animal testing for household products such as washing-up liquid.

BUAV has been campaigning against animal testing for more than 100 years.

The campaigns have been accepted in principle by the Government, which last year promised to implement the changes before the 2015 general election.

However, with just two months until voters go to the polls, Mr Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, has joined 83 colleagues in supporting a motion calling for immediate action.

Mr Betts said: “The Labour Government banned animal experiments to test cosmetics and its now time for this Government to ban tests for household products.

“Many retailers now have own brands which don’t rely on animal testing, so there is no reason why legislation should not be passed to ban tests altogether.”

Michelle Thew, of BUAV, said: “We welcome support from Mr Betts for this motion.”

Details of experiments that use animals are published on the Home Office website.

A spokesman for Understanding Animal Research said the development of alternatives for household testing meant there was a sharp drop-off from 2002 and there have been no such tests in recent years.

Therefore, he added, animals would not usually be used to test products such as washing up liquid or toilet cleaner today.