Sheffield motorists' anger over £50 Christmas Day parking charge

A fuming motorist has criticised a private company for having 'no goodwill' after they charged him £50 to park while he visited a disabled friend on Christmas Day.

John Wood.
John Wood.

John Wood used the car park in Bradfield Road, Hillsborough, on the most festive day of the year while visiting a pal who struggles to get out of the house.

The 55-year-old train conductor said he thought you could park for free for up to two hours but only later realised the time limit was 90 minutes.

He initially thought he had only gone over the limit by nine minutes, but London-based Highview Parking Ltd said he was actually 39 minutes over and sent him a bill for £50.

Mr Wood appealed against the charge but this was rejected by the company.

The Southey Green resident said he wanted to speak out publicly against Highview to highlight how such firms have 'no goodwill' towards drivers.

He said: "You would have thought they might have relaxed the rules for one day of the year.

"It shows no goodwill whatsoever. They are chasing money at any cost.

"I normally wouldn't have bothered but because it was Christmas Day it made me really angry. It used to be free to park there but they are charging everywhere these days, which is wrong.

"Sheffield Council offer free parking deals at Christmas so why can't companies like this?"

In an email addressing Mr Wood's appeal, Highview Parking Ltd said: "Clear signs at the entrance of this site and throughout inform drivers of the terms and conditions that apply there, please note that maximum stay at the site is one hour and 30 minutes.

"The fact that you were unaware of the restrictions that are in place is not considered a mitigating circumstance for appeal.

"In light of this, on this occasion, your representations have been carefully considered and rejected."

The company has been asked for comment and we are awaiting a reply.