Sheffield motorists' anger at potholes on newly-resurfaced roads

Potholes on Rustlings Road.
Potholes on Rustlings Road.
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Furious Sheffield motorists have slammed resurfacing works being carried out across the city - claiming they are even more pothole-ridden than before.

That was the message from drivers as Sheffield Council contractor Amey reported it had now resurfaced 65 per cent of the city's roads as part of its 25-year contract to maintain highways.

Potholes on Deerlands Avenue.

Potholes on Deerlands Avenue.

Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on potholes on The Star's Facebook page, labelling Sheffield's roads as 'disgraceful', 'disgusting' and 'the worst roads in the EU'.

Chris Sabella Chamberlain said: "New roads get laid then after winter they are crumbling again. Cheap materials, cheap workmanship."

But Lynsey Connelly, Amey's highways operations manager, hit back and said just 0.5 per cent of the new roads resurfaced so far had failed an inspection and would be resurfaced again - at no cost to the taxpayer.

The news comes on National Pothole Day, which self-proclaimed Mr Pothole Mark Morrell set up in the hope of drumming up action to repair the country's crumbling roads.

Mr Morrell, of Brackley, encouraged people across the country to share their stories of potholes in the hope of drawing up action to sort the problem, which is the thorn in the side for most motorists.

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Ms Connelly said: "We’ve carried out 727 miles of resurfacing so far – which is about 65 per cent of the city’s road network.

“We need to raise awareness of the right channels to report potholes so that we can then sort them out.”

Ms Connelly said the recent wintry weather had also affected the city’s roads - as rain and ice made potholes worse.

She said: “We’ve had a particularly wet winter and with the recent snow, it is melting and running from the fields on to the roads – it has led to double the number of potholes we’ve had reported to us.

“We’ve had 1,000 reports in January. We normally have around 400 per month but in the last couple of months it's more than doubled but we still want people to report them in the right way.

"If people use our website to report a pothole they can drop a pin on a map on the exact spot where the potholes are so we can go to exactly where they are."

Ms Connelly said Amey ‘had not had a lot of reports of potholes on newly-resurfaced roads’.

She said: “I know there are some roads we’re still to do which are in a particularly bad state of repair, including Chesterfield Road and Attercliffe Road but they are programmed for resurfacing this year."

In a bid to get our city’s roads up to scratch, all we ask is you send us a photo or video of a pothole that is causing you greatest concern.

Send them to and include a few details of where it is as well as a contact telephone number.

Make sure you also complete a report on the council’s website at or call them on 0114 2734567 and we’ll keep a close eye on whether the reported potholes have been repaired.


Janet Chamberlain said: "Amey aren't repairing the roads. They're just doing a cosmetic job or that's my impressions, anyway. The cosmetic soon falls off and the roads reveal their potholes again within months. Amey are ripping off the council (and so, us, the tax payers) and the council doesn't seem to care."

Zoe Borrowdale said: "I've just had a journey by car to the Hallamshire Hospital along many badly potholed minor and major Roads. Most had no street trees so why are Amey saying they are so behind? Campaigners aren't stopping them from doing those roads.

"I've had the suspension repaired twice on my car in the last few years."

Kelly Ridge said: "The ones they resurfaced were done that poorly that they are as bad if not worse than they were. Wordsworth avenue is terrible and was only done a few years ago."

Allison Angus said: "Apart from potholes appearing shortly after roads been resurfaced they're dug up again to do repairs or lay new utility pipes because this country sees it a good idea to lay them under roads rather than footpaths then they're just bodged up when filling holes in and end up like a patchwork quilt."

Peter Morris said: "I wonder if there's any remote chance of them properly repairing 'that' pothole on the lower deck of the Tinsley Viaduct (Tinsley-bound).

"I've been travelling that road for the last 10 years and they come along, chuck some tarmac in it, and within a week or so, it's back again...It's a positive canyon right now."

Michelle Sullivan said: "Sheffield roads what a joke half need to be redone due to Amey using a sub standard mix to save money same as cutting down trees it's cheaper to plant saplings because there is no upkeep of them yet again saving money.

"Cutting back on cleansing and other jobs all to save money. All Amey is doing is lining their pockets whilst draining Sheffield of money shame on you Amey and council - both a joke.

"Wish Amey would go everything is going downhill since Amey took over would love to see what is exactly in Amey contract but oh know nobody can see it get Amey out other towns have and are doing better."

Neil Thomas said: "Resurfaced roads breaking up after three years only why can’t they resurface the old way when roads lasted 50 years plus don’t know what they used for roads in old days."

Rob Sykes said: "A complete joke, chesterfield road between Lidl and Ponsfords is ridiculous - hope they will relay the road when they put this new bloody bus lane in that's caused havoc down there with all the heavy machinery destroying the road."

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