Sheffield motorcyclist died in collision with car

John Bryan
John Bryan
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A ‘happy, laid back and easy going’ motorcyclist died in a collision with a car as he rode to work, an inquest heard.

Steelworker John Bryan, aged 42, of Jaunty Avenue, Jordanthorpe, was riding along Quarry Hill, Mosborough, when he was involved in a smash with a Renault Megane.

The inquest heard from a number of witnesses who said they saw the car, driven by local man Trevor Millington, pulling out of Parkgate Drive into the path of the bike.

But Mr Millington, when interviewed by the police, claimed the motorbike ‘appeared to lose control’ as it overtook a coach which was parked on Quarry Hill, close to the Parkgate Drive junction.

He claimed his car was stationary at the time.

Witness Jonathan Hallsworth said in a statement read out at the inquest that he saw the Renault Megane pull out onto Quarry Hill.

He said he thought the motorist ‘was obviously having difficulty seeing past the bus’ which was parked close to the junction waiting to pick up school children.

Dog walker Dean Anderson, who also witnessed the crash, said: “It looked to me as though the car had been coming out of Parkgate Drive when the crash occurred’.

He said he went to check on Mr Millington after the collision.

“He looked shocked and dazed. I think he may have said ‘I didn’t see him’,” Mr Anderson added.

Collision investigator PC Mark Smith said from markings left at the crash scene he estimated that motorcyclist Mr Bryan had been travelling at between 40 and 43mph when he locked his brakes just before the collision.

He said there were no defects with his bike or the car.

Mr Bryan, who is survived by his wife Diane and two sons, aged 21 and 10, suffered a fractured skull and spinal cord damage in the collision.

He also suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene.

Passers-by battled to revive him but he could not be saved.

The inquest is due to resume next Tuesday.