Sheffield men found guilty of supplying Class A drugs in Scunthorpe

Frances Street, Scunthorpe (photo: Google).
Frances Street, Scunthorpe (photo: Google).
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Two men from Sheffield have been found guilty of possessing and supplying Class A drugs in Scunthorpe.

Sajad Khan, 32, from Woodstock Road in Sheffield, Zaheer Ahmed, 21, from Bowfield Road in Sheffield, were arrested and charged after a warrant was executed at a property on Frances Street in the Lincolnshire town.

Khan pleaded not guilty and after a trial a jury found him guilty of two offences of being concerned in the supply of drugs, and at a supervisory level. He was also found guilty of threatening behaviour.

Zaheer Ahmed and a third defendant, Sarah Cotter, aged 38, from West Street in Scunthorpe, both pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a class A drug.

All three will be sentenced on 3 September.

Inspector Paul French from Scunthorpe Communities Team said: “This is a very good result for us which has highlighted, yet again, our continued commitment to tackling the organised supply of drugs in our town.

“It serves as a reminder to those involved in drugs crimes that we are not going away. We’ve given added attention to this problem and increased the pressure on offenders.

“We’ve shown that it works and we’re carrying on to crack down on the problem which has much wider consequences on individuals, families and communities.

“We work with our partners very closely, not only to lock up criminals and put them before the courts, but we also divert people away from drugs and associated crimes, help those who are exploited by dealers, and give support to those with drug addictions.

“We can refer people to mental health and outreach services for help with drugs problems. We also work with local housing organisations. Tenants found to be involved in drugs can face losing their homes as a result of their activities.

“Working with our communities helps us do our jobs and achieve these successes. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is that people tell us what’s going on and give us information and intelligence so we can find offenders.

“Keep in touch on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to help us serve our communities to make the safe and stronger.”

Claire Coyle, Ongo Housing Services Manager, said: “We take drug offences extremely seriously in terms of tenancy enforcement and do not tolerate our tenants having any kind of involvement with drugs.

“We work closely with Humberside Police and will always provide them with information on criminal behaviour to make sure our communities are great places to live, and that our tenants can feel safe in their homes.”