Sheffield mayor plan is ‘Premier League’

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SHEFFIELD needs an elected mayor to compete in a ‘Premier League of cities,’ claim ‘yes’ campaigners ahead of next month’s referendum.

On Thursday, May 3, residents are being asked to decide whether Sheffield should have a Boris Johnson-style figure in charge of the city and Sheffield Council, instead of a council leader and cabinet selected from the 84 councillors.

Kevin Meagher, chairman of the Mayor4Sheffield campaign, said: “The choice we have to make next month could not be simpler.

“The referendum is an invitation to join the Premier League of cities if we choose an elected mayor, or we can we stick with the status quo and end up playing in Division Two instead.

“Cities which go with an elected mayor will gain new powers to fight to shape their future.

“These mayors will even meet with the Prime Minister twice a year to put their city’s case directly. In terms of influence, it’s a million miles away from where we are at present.

“The Chancellor overlooked Sheffield when he said 10 cities were to share in £100 million for ultrafast broadband. Sheffield ended up with nothing.

“If we had a strong mayor fighting our corner, banging on ministers’ doors and with access to the Prime Minister, then we wouldn’t have to settle with having sand kicked in our faces like this.”

However, Opponents say an elected mayor would have too much power as an individual and claim the change will cost too much.