Sheffield man whose dog mauled police officer jailed for inflicting GBH

A 22-year-old man who set his Staffordshire Pitbull cross on a police officer when they visited his Sheffield home looking for a missing girl has been jailed for inflicting grevious bodily harm.
A Staffordshire Pitbull crossA Staffordshire Pitbull cross
A Staffordshire Pitbull cross

Sheffield Crown Court was told how at around 3.30am February 2 this year, police officers arrived at the home of David Barraclough, 22, looking for a 16-year-old girl that had been reported missing.

Prosecuting, Louise Reveell, told the court that police found the girl in Barraclough's bedroom and when they said the girl should be taken back to her mother, who had reported her missing, an argument broke out between Barraclough and the officers.

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Ms Reveell said: "He said if he touched the girl he would set his dog on him.

"They could hear the dog in another room."

Barraclough, of Emerson Crescent, Parson Cross, went into the other room where the dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Pitbull, was, and when he returned officers arrested him, the court was told.

"When they tried to take him outside, they took him through the hall and the defendant kicked open the door and let the dog out," said Ms Reveell.

She added: "The dog attacked one of the officers who was restraining the defendant. It bit his left thigh, but didn't puncture the skin.

"It then bit his right arm around the elbow."

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The dog would not let go of the officer's arm, and he began to punch it in the face in an unsuccessful bid to remove it.

It was only through the use of a taser that police were able to finally remove the dog from the officer's arm.

The officer was left with a deep cut to his right elbow, for which he needed three stitches.

Speaking in a victim impact statement read out in court, the officer said the terrifying incident had made him 'wary' of dogs which he said he did not like as he was always fond of them before.

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The officer said because the wound kept splitting, it kept causing him pain and meant he could not go to the gym as he normally would.

Defending, Dermot Hughes, said: "As you can tell from his demeanour today, when things don't go his way he needs to let off steam. He knows he has difficulty controlling his temper and needs to grow up basically."

Barraclough, who kept sticking his tongue out during the sentencing, pleaded guilty to one count of wounding/inflicting grevious bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

Sentencing him to one year in prison, Judge Roger Thomas, told the 22-year-old: "When police came to the house you became somewhat unruly."

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He added: "You kicked open the door, and were effectively baiting it, sprung into action and started attacking the police officer.

"It bit him on the thigh and then the leg, really causing him some damage."

Judge Thomas also made an order for the dog, who has been placed into the possession of the police, to be destroyed.

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