Sheffield man Stuart-Daniel Box to appear on reality show Coach Trip tonight

A Sheffield man was 'buzzing' to make his debut on E4 reality game show Coach Trip tonight.
Stuart Box appears on E4 show Coach Trip tonightStuart Box appears on E4 show Coach Trip tonight
Stuart Box appears on E4 show Coach Trip tonight

Stuart Box will be introduced as a solo traveller on the show which will air at 7.30pm.

The 34-year-old was paired with an American named Paul on the program.

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While he was cagey about the show - he wasn't allowed to give anything away - Stuart said it was 'an experience'.

"It was amazing," the Hartley Brook Road resident said.

"I had such a good time. I got to go to countries which I'd never been before, and met some really good people.

"I'm still in touch with some of them now.

"It was basically a free holiday."

Stuart said he was interested to see what the other contestants said about him on the program during individual interviews.

"It would be nice to see if the people you liked on the show had your back," he said.

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A singer who often works abroad, Stuart had stayed in Britain this summer for the wedding of his brother Nathan.

He said the chance to audition for and appear on the program came at the right time.

"It was the perfect opportunity," he said.

Being paired with an American added to the experience.

"We were very different people," Stuart said.

"We had different personalities and different outlooks on life.

"For me, it was all about the experience of going on.

"It was harder going on as a solo traveller. You had to get to know everyone on the coach, and each other."

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Passengers remain on the show until they are voted off by their fellow travellers. They are replaced by new people the next day.

Stuart and Paul joined after a week.

"I have been watching the past seven days," Stuart said.

"It was really interesting to see how people's characters had changed from when they started to what I knew them as."