Sheffield man on trial for murder said he ‘lost control’

Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death
Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death
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A man on trial for the murder of his best friend has blamed the killing on a momentary ‘loss of control’.

Nawzad Kamal, aged 39, told Sheffield Crown Court he snapped and beat pal Bahman Amin, 33, with a baseball bat because he had been subjected to a series of threats from the victim.

The jury heard Kamal was known to friends as a ‘gentleman’ before the attack in Pitsmoor in June.

He had moved to Britain from Iraq to escape a dictatorial regime which led to his parents being imprisoned because two of their sons refused to join the military.

Sheffield bouncer Patrick Morgan, Kamal’s friend of six years, gave evidence for the defence. He had visited Kamal, who he knew as Noah, at home around two months before Mr Amin’s death.

He witnessed the defendant and another man, who the defence say was Mr Amin, arguing.

Mr Morgan said: “I went and sat in my car while they talked. Their voices started raising and there were fingers being pointed.

“The other man appeared to be the aggressor.”

Kamal had been best friends with his alleged victim for years before the pair fell out over Kamal’s ex-wife.

The defence claimed Mr Amin boasted to Kamal: ‘I know where your children live and you don’t’ - one of the jibes which is said to have provoked him.

The prosecution say Kamal - who denies murder - stabbed Mr Amin before beating him to death.

Inviting the jury to return a not guilty verdict, Andrew O’Byrne QC, defending Kamal, said: “You have heard the history of a man who has been described as a gentleman, a man who lost his self control after threats against his family in an area where, the defendant tells us, you can do what you want. There is no effective policing.

“A witness at the scene described him as having a menacing grin. We say that is indicative of someone who has completely lost it.”