Sheffield man murdered best friend

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A man accused of beating a pal to death with a baseball bat in Sheffield had been ‘best of friends’ with his victim, a court heard.

Nawzad Kamal, aged 39, denies murdering Bahman Amin, 33, in Pitsmoor in June after a row over a woman.

Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death

Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death

In a police interview played to Sheffield Crown Court, witness Hamiad Jalali, who worked with Mr Amin at a car wash, said: “They had been best of friends for a long time.”

Mr Jalali said on the day he was killed, Mr Amin took two telephone calls at work which made him angry.

“Bahman was proper shouting,” he said.

“He was angry, his hands were shaking.

“He took a half-hour phone call. It was Nawzad on the phone.”

Mr Jalali said in one of the calls Kamal had accused Mr Amin of sleeping with his ex- wife.

He said in the second call Mr Amin asked Kamal, of Montfort Drive, Pitsmoor, to come to the car wash and speak to him if he had ‘a problem’.

“He was shouting and swearing,” he added.

Mr Jalali said Mr Amin was angry and made a rude comment about Kamal’s mother, who had died about six months previously.

The jury also heard from Jurij Skvorcov who was walking down Andover Street in Pitsmoor when he saw the start of the attack.

Mr Skvorcov said he saw two men on a grassy area.

“They were swearing and using very aggressive words towards each other but not in English,” he said.

“One of the guys pushed the other guy with his hands.”

Mr Skvorcov told the jury he saw one of the men making a stabbing motion towards the other man.

“He was holding something. For me it looked like something sharp.”

Mr Skvorcov told the jury the man started bleeding.

“I saw the area of red begin to get bigger and bigger,” he added.

The prosecution say Kamal stabbed Mr Amin before beating him to death with a baseball bat.

The trial continues.