Sheffield man jailed for manslaughter gets extra time behind bars over failed appeal

A man jailed for his role in the cold-blooded killing of a father-of-two will serve an extra month behind bars for wasting court time.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 10:44 am
Updated Friday, 12th May 2017, 1:25 pm
Stevin Pierre was jailed for manslaughter

Stevin Pierre was one of three men locked up over the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Grant Bodell, who was murdered in Manor Fields Park, off Queen Mary Road, Manor, in June 2014.

Pierre, aged 26, formerly of Water Slacks Close, Woodhouse was jailed for 16 years after being found guilty of manslaughter at Sheffield Crown Court in February last year.

Murder victim Grant Bodell

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He tried to have his sentence cut at the Court of Appeal, in London, this week, arguing that it was 'excessive'.

But his arguments were dismissed by top judges - who then took the rare step of ordering him to serve another 28 days behind bars for wasting court time.

The court heard that Mr Bodell, of Windy House Lane, Manor, was shot dead in the early hours of June 21, 2014, following an altercation between his friends and Marvis Smith - a 'ruthless and aggressive' drug dealer, who headed up a drug dealing gang which sold heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis.

Mr Bodell, a father-of-two, had been drinking with friends, including Corrie Allen, the previous night when tensions between Mr Allen and Smith escalated.

Marvis Smith was jailed for the murder of Grant Bodell

They had been involved in an ongoing feud following the theft of chain worn by Mr Allen, and following a confrontation involving some of Smith’s associates at the Embassy Club, Mansfield Road, Intake, Mr Allen fired a shotgun at Smith’s car.

In retaliation, Smith and others armed themselves and went looking for Mr Allen - who they found with his friends near Manor Fields Park.

As Mr Allen and the others fled, Mr Bodell, who was unable to run as fast because of a previous motorcycle accident, was shot three times and died.

Smith, 31, of Park Grange Road, Norfolk Park and Brendon McFarlane, 23, of Hyde Park Terrace, Park Hill, were both found guilty of murder and jailed for life, with Smith ordered to serve a minimum of 38 years behind bars and McFarlane at least 32.

Brendan McFarlane was jailed for the murder of Grant Bodell

Pierre, who was not with them at the time of the fatal shooting, but in the run up to it and its aftermath, was found guilty of manslaughter.

Dismissing his appeal, Lord Justice Treacy said: “The sentence passed reflected the fact this appellant had been convicted of manslaughter rather than murder, and thus clearly wasn’t at the heart of the group who had ventured out with a shotgun and ammunition.

“Nonetheless the judge had found he was aware of the presence of the firearm and its intended hostile use.

“Moreover, he was aware the purpose of the firearm was to advance Smith’s drug operation.”

Police officers close to where Grant Bodell was shot dead

Sitting with Mrs Justice Andrews and Judge Eleri Rees QC, he added: “The sentence for manslaughter was in our view proportionate to the sort of sentence that would have been passed had he been convicted of murder.

“He had ample time to distance himself from the group had he wished to.”

When the killers were jailed, Detective Superintendent David Barraclough, the senior investigating officer who led the murder investigation, said: “The result today should serve as a message to anyone who makes the decision to arm themselves with a weapon, regardless of how long it takes, we will identify you and bring you to justice.”

Corrie Allen, of Windy House Lane, Manor, was jailed for three-and-a-half years over the shooting at the Embassy Club car park, which triggered Mr Bodell's murder.

He pleaded guilty to possessing an illegal weapon with intent to cause fear or violence.

Grant Bodell was shot dead close to his home
Murder victim Grant Bodell
Marvis Smith was jailed for the murder of Grant Bodell
Brendan McFarlane was jailed for the murder of Grant Bodell
Police officers close to where Grant Bodell was shot dead
Grant Bodell was shot dead close to his home