Sheffield man hugs 61 complete strangers for his debut film

How would you feel if you had to approach dozens of strangers and ask them for a hug?
CK GoldiingCK Goldiing
CK Goldiing

That was the challenge set to Sheffield-based YouTuber CK Goldiing, who took to the street's of Sheffield to hug people.

Less than 24 hours after getting the idea he had turned it into his first short, debut film.

CK Goldiing has made a short film called 61 HugsCK Goldiing has made a short film called 61 Hugs
CK Goldiing has made a short film called 61 Hugs
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CK, a writer and content specialist from Walkley, said: 'I couldn't be prouder of Sheffield.

'People who have watched the film have said how warm and open Sheffield is.

'I had a screening last week and people said what a great advert for Sheffield it is.'

The idea for CK's short film debut was given to him from a source, which he says is revealed in the film.

A still from the filmA still from the film
A still from the film
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His usual challenges have been dreamt up by CK himself and have included surviving in London for six months with just £100 and offering Londoners a free meal as a random act of kindness.

His latest challenge saw him take to the streets around his Walkley home and hug 61 strangers, hence the film's name 61 Hugs '“ the rehabilitation of an overthinker.

As he approaches the city centre, every moment of vulnerability, fear, warmth, openness and heart is captured, as his interactions with strangers reveal surprising twists.

CK, aged 38, said: 'The idea was given to me, which was unique because it was the first time a challenge has come to me from an outside source.

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'It had the potential to be unique and something quite spectacular.

'The context to it is that I'm a huge over thinker but this had the potential to be something awesome so it was a fight with my inner dialogue which was telling me I couldn't do it.

'I usually sit on an idea for a while, but because I over think I knew I would talk myself out of it, so I got given the idea at 10pm and went out the next day.

Although the filming took just a few hours, the editing process took longer than CK anticipated.

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He said: 'It was really difficult for me to edit. Usually when I do something of this magnitude I edit it straight away.

'This was difficult because I was very emotional. When I was doing the challenge, I wasn't aware of what was happening.

'When I came to looking at the footage I was genuinely really moved by it, especially the three people at the end of the film.'

He added: 'I never set out to make a film. It was just going to be another CK online YouTube challenge, but then I sent it to a friend and he said I'd made a very authentic film.'

Visit the film's official website - to get free downloads, special surprise videos and exclusive interviews.