Sheffield man found guilty of historic sex offences against six-year-old child

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A 51-year-old Sheffield man has been found guilty of historic sexual offences against a child committed 24 years ago.

Neil Beeken of Busk Meadows, Shirecliffe, was found guilty of four counts of inciting a child to commit gross indecency, after the court heard that he had inappropriate contact with a 6-year-old girl in 1991.

Beeken was originally arrested in 1991 but he was released without charge after consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

In November 2013, South Yorkshire Police was contacted by the victim in the case who wanted to make a formal complaint and reopen the investigation.

Following further advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, Beeken was reported on summons for four counts of inciting a child to commit gross indecency.

Following a short trial, he was found guilty of all charges on Friday 5 June.

He is due to be sentenced on July 21