Sheffield man bit two policemen after ‘going mad’ on date

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A COMBINATION of champagne and cannabis resulted in a Sheffield company director assaulting two police officers, a court heard.

The attacks took place during Jonathon Maycock’s first visit to the home in Dronfield of a woman he met online.

Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates she called police at 3.30am, saying her boyfriend was ‘going mad’ in her flat.

Maycock, aged 37, had been ‘thrashing around on the hall floor and making no sense at all’ and he was aggressive towards the officers, said Mr Rodrigues.

He tried to bite PC Sarjeet Phuller’s fingers as they struggled to handcuff him. The PC pulled his hand away and it hit a door, injuring him.

Maycock then took hold of PC Michael Maughan’s arm and bit it before the officers applied leg restraints and subdued him.

Maycock, of Tilford Road, Woodhouse, admitted two charges of assault on police.

He had no previous convictions.

“Ordinarily, people who assault police officers go to prison but I am satisfied it was out of character and happened because of the mixture of cannabis with champagne,” said District Judge Andrew Davison.

He fined Maycock a total of £965 and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to each officer, with £85 costs.

Maycock, a retail sales director in a family business, felt ‘ashamed,’ said his solicitor, Joe Harvey.

“He met a lady on a dating website. They exchanged messages and they had met previously but this was the first time he had been to her home. He had drunk more than normal.

“There was some suggestion they would share some cannabis but it was for his use.

“His last memory was having a bath at her home and then waking up in a police cell riddled with bruises. He had two broken ribs.