Sheffield library set to bite dust in community hub plan

Woodseats library, Sheffield, 5/9/13
Woodseats library, Sheffield, 5/9/13
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A Sheffield library is set to be demolished so a new ‘community hub’ focused on a medical centre can be built.

Proposals for Woodseats Library on Chesterfield Road, which would also include a new library and pharmacy, are recommended for conditional approval at a Sheffield Council planning committee meeting next week.

The council says the library is run-down and community facilities will be enhanced, while Woodseats Medical Centre on Cobnar Road needs to expand.

However some residents have objected, mainly due to ‘inadequate’ access routes on Linburn Road and Osmaston Road, a lack of parking at the new facility – with 16 spaces planned – and increased traffic on already congested streets.

“Residents struggle every day to park anywhere near their house and this will only make things worse,” said one concerned resident in statements outlined in reports to the planning committee.

Others said the planned three-storey building was too large.

Reports say the plans will ‘ensure the library can remain open for the immediate future.’

Access cannot be provided directly from Chesterfield Road because the road curves and there is a traffic island and a bus stop in front of the site so it is not considered to be safe.

All facilities to be located in the hub are currently located nearby, so ‘virtually all’ traffic associated with it will already be using the local highway network although there will be some new trips generated. On-site car parking is to be used by staff and disabled people only which is ‘not ideal.’

But planners claim that additional on-street car parking will be spread out in the neighbourhood.