Sheffield leisure trust sign deal with Ticketmaster to sell more tickets

Andrew Snelling, chief executive of SIVAndrew Snelling, chief executive of SIV
Andrew Snelling, chief executive of SIV
Sheffield International Venues has signed a deal with ticket giant Ticketmaster, which they hope will help them sell more tickets.

It is also the first time the charity, which is also known as Sheffield City Trust, has introduced digital ticketing.

The trust, which formed in 1987 for the World Student Games, looks after 17 facilities including FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield City Hall, Hillsborough Leisure Centre, Ponds Forge and iceSheffield.

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They said the long-term deal will also help them save waste and improve security.

Andrew Snelling, chief executive of SIV, said: “Ticketmaster’s recent work in digital ticketing has been groundbreaking and exceeded expectations, so it is really exciting to partner with them. This move will give us more control and give fans the best possible experience when entering our venues.”

It follows a £3 million bail out by Sheffield Council to keep venues open amid significant losses to funding.

The money will only go towards the most essential works over the next 18 months and follows a £1 million ‘special urgency’ loan earlier this year.

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A report on their financial situation is going to council scrutiny committee this afternoon.

Councillor Paul Turpin, who sits on the committee, said it was a positive move and should help them sell more tickets.

Councillor Douglas Johnson, leader of Sheffield Green Party, who called for transparency on their financial situation said: “It’s interesting they’re doing that. We were saying to officers they need to get the crowds in.

“Big acts will get Ticketmaster to do all their booking so if you’re not on it you miss out. Big bands often go to Leeds and Manchester and miss out Sheffield so this might change that – it’s a good thing and for getting bums on seats.”

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David Grey, chairman of Sheffield City Trust, said: “As an organisation, we are committed to finding the most effective ways to deliver the best services for Sheffield. Working with Ticketmaster ensures we provide best-in-class experiences for our customers.”