Sheffield legend Michael Palin has bad news for Monty Python fans

Michael Palin (photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire)Michael Palin (photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire)
Michael Palin (photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire)
Monty Python fans will be disappointed after Sheffield legend Michael Palin ruled out another reunion.

The comic actor and travel show presenter, who was born in Broomhill, teamed up again with Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese and Palin for Monty Python Live (Mostly) in 2014.

But, speaking in a BBC documentary about his life which is due to appear on the BBC tonight, he said he felt those 10 shows were enough.

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"It came to a point where certain people needed large amounts of money fairly quickly," he said.

"And within, I should think, about sort of five and a half seconds, we'd all agreed. Having been disagreeing for the last, sort of, 15 years!"

He added: "I think 10 shows was exactly enough. Towards the end of about show eight, well earlier for some people, there was a feeling that perhaps we'd done enough.

"We'd be hopeless at going around the world doing the same show all the time. It might have been a good way of making money but honestly, we'd have got bored stiff!"

Discussing his plans for the future, he said 'all I want to do is continue doing new stuff'.

Michael Palin - A Life on Screen airs this evening at 9pm on BBC2.