Sheffield law firm raises funds for mesothelioma charity

A Sheffield law firm is putting its weight behind moves to lessen the devastating effects of historical asbestos exposure in readiness for the biggest spike in deaths the region has ever seen

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 10:18 am
Updated Thursday, 6th December 2018, 10:25 am
Staff at Graysons Solicitors in Sheffield add a little glitter to their day in aid of the mesothelioma campaign they are involved with - Laura Barraclough adding a bit of sparkle to Anne Rogers

Though the most dangerous form of asbestos stopped being used in the UK in the 1960s, following a voluntary ban, the deadly impact of incurable mesothelioma is only just coming to light for many victims, decades after exposure.

The UK '“ which has more mesothelioma deaths than anywhere else in the world despite all forms of asbestos being finally banned by law in 1999 - is presently bracing itself for an epidemic of newly discovered cases.

Graysons Solicitors has long-established links with support and campaign groups and has been successfully pursuing compensation claims for many years. They have already successfully claimed over £3 million in compensation in the last three years for victims of asbestos-related diseases.

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There is presently an annual mesothelioma death toll in  the UK of around 2,500 - more than twice the number of people that die in car accidents.

Belinda Lancaster, Graysons partner, said: 'Mesothelioma is a devastating disease with no cure. The death toll in the next few years is set to rise to its worst ever. We are championing the cause because we know the harm this condition causes to victims and their bereaved families.

As well as pursuing compensation claims, scores of our staff regularly raise money via the Mesothelioma UK charity. We are always looking at other ways we can help victims and their families.'

One of the main sectors impacted by latent mesothelioma has been the construction industry '“ a key sector in this area.

Graysons have just hosted their first Mesothelioma UK charity fundraiser '“ a special '˜Raise a Brow for Meso Bake' sale event at their Sheffield office. They have organised many other charity events for mesothelioma-related support groups in the past.