Sheffield lad Bean gets in touch with his feminine side

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HOMEGROWN heartthrob Sean Bean has revealed he had a full body wax, prosthetic breasts and learned to walk in six-inch heels for his latest television role in which he plays a transvestite.

The 53-year-old had to get in touch with his feminine side for BBC drama Accused, in which he plays a cross-dressing teacher called Simon who falls in love with another man.

Sean said: “I started watching women, how they smoke, their deportment, how they carry their handbags, how they hold their hand out slightly - all those little things.

“And I did it in front of the mirror. I thought I looked a bit hunched so I got my shoulders back - I took it very seriously.”

He had a full body wax which he said hurt ‘just a bit’, prosthetic breasts and a crash course in learning to walk in heels.

“They were high, six-inches, and they killed at first, so painful,” Sean said.

“I thought, ‘how do they walk in these all night and enjoy themselves?’.

“It took a while to get used to them but I felt quite good at the end! I was running everywhere, a bit like Bambi.”

The story starts when Simon’s alter-ego Tracie falls in love with another man. A complicated love story follows, with Simon ending up in the dock.

Sean said: “It’s a story about two people who love each other, it’s just two guys. You end up feeling for these people, you’re really drawn to their story.

“You want them to be alright, but eventually something has to give.”