Sheffield Labour Mps should have courage

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After the shock of the election defeat, there are already calls by the likes of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson for Labour to move back to the “centre ground”.

They complain Ed Miliband’s vision did not appeal to aspirational voters.

But let’s remember that Miliband succeeded in getting across how much equality, fairness, and public services matter to a large number of voters that would not have considered these issues back in 2010. It was the unexpectedness of the outright Tory win, whose vote share was only 37 per cent against 30 per cent, that made the defeat seem so crushing.

So now the Tories intend to cut spending further. Wealth continues to move, as it has for many years, towards the already wealthy and large businesses, that pay their workforces less than their efforts deserve.

The Tories are contriving to create a growing economy whilst reducing the standard of living of much of the population.

Austerity measures will now hit areas like Sheffield even harder than before but they will also now begin to bite across large parts of the country.

Sheffield’s Labour MPs should have the courage of their convictions. A vision of a fairer and more equal society will inspire its activists and appeal to ever more people, as they recognise the results of Tory policies.

The same cannot be said of trying to bring back the politics of Tony Blair.

Chris Broome

Hackthorn Road, Sheffield, S8