Sheffield kidnappers locked up for 28-years

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Courts: News, reaction and more.
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TWO men who kidnapped a terrified 14-year-old schoolboy and threatened to decapitate him if his dad didn’t pay them a £40,000 ransom have been locked up for a total of 28 years.

Abdul Miah, aged 29, and Liban Mohammed, 20, were today starting jail terms of 17 and 11 years respectively, after a jury found them guilty of crimes branded ‘selfish, heartless and callous’ by a top detective.

Detective Chief Inspector Zaf Ali said: “This was a difficult, protracted investigation. These men committed serious crimes, they put a young boy and his family through a terrifying ordeal and he feared for his life.

“Miah and Mohammed lied through their teeth and showed no remorse throughout the investigation and subsequent trial.

“It was heartless, very callous and very selfish. They showed no thought for the family - they were just concerned with greed and they quite rightly deserve the sentences they got.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard the youngster was snatched outside Bir’s Beers off-licence, Staniforth Road, Darnall, dragged into a car, and driven to rural Ringinglow.

His kidnappers told him they were professional gangsters from Manchester and put a bag over his head, then forced him to ring his father relaying their ransom demands.

They said the teen would have his arms, legs and head cut off if his dad failed to come up with 40 ‘bags’ - slang for thousands of pounds.

The youngster was eventually released after the pair panicked when the police got involved and he ran to a farmhouse in Ringinglow to raise the alarm.

Meanwhile, his father went around Darnall begging friends and relatives for money, raising £15,000.

Throughout the trial, the men maintained the teenager had been in on the plot from the start in an attempt to extract money from his father.

Miah, of Flaxby Road, and Mohammed of Balfour Drive, both in Darnall, were both found guilty of kidnap and blackmail.

Anjam Shaffique, aged 30, of Sandford Grove Road, Nether Edge, and Carlos Treazure, 27, from Norfolk Road, Nofolk Park, were cleared of the same charges.