Sheffield kidnapper made hoax bomb calls from cell

Investigation: Abdul Miah.
Investigation: Abdul Miah.
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A THUG from Sheffield jailed for kidnapping a 14-year-old boy and blackmailing his father made more than 1,000 hoax calls to emergency services from a phone smuggled into his jail cell - claiming bombs had been planted in London.

Abdul Miah, of Flaxby Road, Darnall, was arrested after making scores of calls to police, fire and ambulance services using a secret phone.

The 29-year-old told the authorities that bombs had been planted in London.

He also told officers there were men with guns in Darnall - causing armed response units to be deployed.

An investigation by the North East counter terrorism unit identified Miah, who was on remand for kidnap and blackmail, as being responsible for the false claims.

Detective Chief Superintendent David Buxton, head of the unit said: “From October 2011, Miah made a series of malicious and nuisance phone calls.

“These included a number of hoax bomb threats.

“Thankfully, as a result of an intensive and thorough investigation, Miah was identified as being responsible and his malicious intentions were exposed.

“Deliberate attempts to cause disruption and panic are taken seriously and will always be investigated and prosecuted by police.”

Miah admitted public nuisance and was sentenced for the offence after his trial for kidnap and blackmail at Sheffield Crown Court.

His total jail term is 17 years.

Chief Inspector Zaf Ali, from South Yorkshire Police, said Miah was ‘heartless, calculating, callous, and selfish’.

He said he and Liban Mohammed, 20, of Balfour Drive, Darnall, kidnapped the teenager on October 31 last year because they thought his father was rich.

He said: “They put this young lad and his family through a terrifying ordeal. They didn’t stop to think of what their actions might do to his family - they were totally selfish.

“He was snatched from outside an off licence in Darnall and had a hood put over his head and was blindfolded - he was terrified. They told his father if he didn’t pay up £40,000 they would kill his son and chop him into pieces.”

The schoolboy was released in Ringinglow when Miah and Mohammed panicked after they realised the police were involved.