Sheffield jogger runs 100 miles to help her paralysed dad return home

Jacquelyn Goddard
Jacquelyn Goddard
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A woman whose dad was left paralysed after falling down some stairs has run eight half marathons to help get him back home.

Jacquelyn Goddard, aged 34, from Banner Cross, Sheffield, ran 100 miles over 10 weeks - starting with the Sheffield Half Marathon in April and crossing the final finish line in Liverpool last weekend.

Jacquelyn Goddard with her dad, Paul Mahon

Jacquelyn Goddard with her dad, Paul Mahon

The mum-of-two has raised over £25,000 to pay for specialist equipment which will allow her dad Paul Mahon, 71, to leave hospital and return to the Norton home he shares with his wife, Monica, 67.

It will pay for technology which will recognise his eye movements allowing him to send emails, use Skype, change TV channels and open and close doors.

Paul tripped down some stairs at a friend’s house over a year ago, damaging his spinal chord.

He is now a quadriplegic and on a ventilator in the spinal injuries unit at the Northern General Hospital.

Jacquelyn Goddard

Jacquelyn Goddard

Jacquelyn said: “I can’t believe I’ve finished this challenge.

“I was a bit of a jogger before this challenge - I could run four or five miles to keep fit beforehand so I had to step the training up.

“After such a devastating accident I wanted to do something positive for my dad.”

Once the equipment arrives, Paul will be allowed to return home for the first time in 13 months but will still need 24-hour care.

Jacquelyn Goddard

Jacquelyn Goddard

Jacqueline, who works in marketing, is donating some of the cash she raised to the charity Back Up, which supports people with spinal injuries.

The charity offers mentoring, wheelchair skills training and activity courses to help injured people get back to work or school.

Louise Wright, Back Up’s chief executive officer, said: “Jacquelyn’s success in raising thousands of pounds to improve her father’s independence after his spinal cord injury and to help Back Up is an incredible achievement.

“Despite having a busy job and a family, she’s organised six of the runs herself and still managed to keep smiling.

“On behalf of people affected by spinal cord injuries and their families, we want to thank Jacquelyn for all she’s done and congratulate her on raising awareness and funding for this vital issue.”