Sheffield is the 'laziest' city in the UK according to new survey

Sheffield is apparently the laziest city in the UK
Sheffield is apparently the laziest city in the UK
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Sheffield might be labelled the city of sport but according to a new survey, less than one in five people work out at least once a week.

The study - carried out by - shows just 19 per cent of Sheffield folk dust off their trainers during the week to hit the gym.

The city was named the 'least fit' city in the UK way behind places like Manchester and Liverpool where 71 per cent of people get active in gyms and boots camps.

And just up the M1, people in Leeds fair much better where around two thirds of people attend the gym to work up a sweat.

Simon Bubb, managing director at Be a Better You said: "What I find interesting from the research is how we’re seeing such big variations from city to city.

"I am partly putting the fact that bigger cities such as Manchester, London and Liverpool boast higher fitness levels down to accessibility.

"For example, the main UK cities are home to more gyms, personal trainers, classes, and boot camps – so it’s likely this will impact on peoples’ motivation to get fit."