Sheffield is one of best places to grow up and to live

People enjoying the sun in Sheffield's Peace Gardens
People enjoying the sun in Sheffield's Peace Gardens
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Sheffield is one of the best cities to live – and is among the top three places to grow up – according to new reports.

The city has been ranked ninth out of 12 cities for quality of life, and also named the third-happiest place in Britain for children to grow up.

Parents voted for the city due to a combination of children’s playgrounds, youth clubs and safe roads.

A separate survey measured house price growth, rental costs, salaries and disposable income to determine which cities had the most pleasant lifestyle.

And, although Sheffield got into the top 10, it did trail behind the likes of Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol. Cardiff topped the table.

The Star’s Facebook fans reacted to the news with mixed feelings.

Patricia White said: “I was born in Sheffield, and I think it is one of the best cities to live, and there are lots of lovely places to visit for every age.

“We are very lucky to have such a fine well-kept Sheffield.

“I know there is trouble sometimes but you get that wherever you live.”

Lynn Carnall agreed: “No way should we be behind Cardiff, Bradford, Bristol and Leeds – Sheffield should be number one.

“It’s the best place to live. We have the best universities and the best theatres.”

But Craig Russmyster Russell said: “Apart from all the shootings, stabbings and other crime which is on the up... yeah, it’s okay.”

Jayne Grayson posted: “Lots of people study here then don’t want to leave, but I’m not too sure of the attraction myself.”

Steve Bradshaw said: “Shouldn’t even be in the top 20, if there was an award for dirtiest city!

“I’m sure Sheffield would come first.”

Peter Pte said: “Sheffield could be great city to live – if they changed everyone in the council and fixed the streets which are full of potholes.”

And Mat Robinson pointed out: “We’ve been voted ninth out of the biggest 12 cities in the UK... we can hardly claim a top 10 success under such circumstances!”