Sheffield hosts nuclear power debate

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SHEFFIELD is to host a high-powered debate about the future of nuclear power - assessing the implications of the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year.

The event is on May 23 at the offices of law firm DLA Piper and the public are being invited along to have their say.

They will join experts from around the world, local representatives and university academics to discuss the safety and reliability of nuclear power and the international response to events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March last year.

Local representatives on the panel include Jillian Creasy, Sheffield’s first elected Green Party councillor, and Teresa Hitchcock, a specialist in environmental and climate law.

Dr Peter Matanle, from the university’s School of East Asian Studies, said: “Nuclear energy is once again in question due to the disaster at Fukushima.

“Although Sheffield is a long way from the disaster zone, all countries are reviewing their energy policies.

“This will have implications for fossil fuel use, and therefore climate change and the cost of energy, as well as the development of renewable energies.

“Everyone uses energy, so everyone is being affected in some way, and everyone should feel that they have opportunities to learn about the issues and contribute to discussions.

“We hope that the event will help to inform people in the Sheffield region of their energy choices and the implications for the future.”