Sheffield home care workers quitting the job

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Sheffield has a high number of home carers quitting – with almost half leaving the job within a year of starting.

Staff turnover rates for adult social care in Sheffield have doubled in the past couple of years, according to Healthwatch.

The independent body, which helps influence and improve how services are designed and run, has gathered the views of families who use home carers.

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Its report says: “In 2017/18, estimated staff vacancy rates for adult social care in Sheffield were at the lowest rate seen in the last five years at four per cent. However, they have consistently risen and fallen from year to year during that time.

“In contrast, estimated staff turnover rates have steadily increased and doubled in the same period, increasing from 17.8 per cent to 35.7 per cent.

“The job role with the highest staff turnover was care workers at 37 per cent and the rate was even higher for home care workers at over 42 per cent.”

The report says around two in five carers leave their role within 12 months and this impacts on the people they look after.

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“Users have to get to know someone new who isn’t familiar with their needs and preferences, and care companies have to put resources into recruiting and training new staff,” it said.

“Home care is valued because it enables people to stay in their own home and maintain some independence.

“Users told us they were concerned that having too many different care workers was having an impact on the quality of care provided. This suggests that continuity of care may not have been prioritised when care was planned.”

Several families told Healthwatch they were happy with the care provided, appreciated the efforts of individual carers and understood the challenges workers face.

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The report added: “We heard examples of care workers going ‘the extra mile’ and some families suggested better pay for care workers and an awards event to recognise the efforts of individual workers.”

The full report can be read here:

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