Sheffield holidaymakers are booziest in Britain, says new survey

Sheffield holidaymakers are the booziest in Britain, according to a new survey.

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 2:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 2:11 pm
Sheffield holidaymakers drink more than the rest of the country.

According to new research, people hailing from the city are the nation's thirstiest tourists - getting stuck into the booze earlier than anyone else when they are on holiday - and also necking more of it than anywhere else in the country.

Travel price comparison website TravelSupermarket has looked into Brits’ holiday habits - and Sheffield was revealed to be the place from where drinkers knock back the most when they are having fun in the sun.

Over a third of Sheffield tourists (36 per cent) confess to drinking more on holiday than they do at home.

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The average holiday-goer typically sips their first alcoholic drink at 15.41 – 34 minutes earlier than the rest of the nation, but seven per cent enjoy their first tipple before 11am. Meanwhile, one tenth (nine per cent) adopt an ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’ attitude and have a drink whenever they feel like it.

The research found that Sheffield travellers spend 127 minutes drinking alcohol every day when they’re on holiday.

Only holidaymakers from Liverpool and Lancaster dedicating as much time to the cause in the rest of Britain (where the average is 103 minutes). Sleeping off a hard day’s drinking, Sheffield holidaymakers take some of the longest siestas, lasting an average of 86 minutes.

Although more than one in nine (12 per cent) say their favourite part of their holiday is guilt-free drinking, the majority look forward to being able to spend quality time with their friends and family (50 per cent) and switching off from the stresses of work (34 per cent).

Sheffield’s stubborn tourists are among the least likely of British holidaymakers to compromise on anything holiday-related, with 30 per cent saying they won’t budge on anything (compared to 20 per cent nationally), but they’re more likely to compromise on a resort’s childcare facilities, than they are a destination’s nightlife!

TravelSupermarket conducted research into Brits’ holiday habits to reveal how different holidaymakers enjoy their breaks.

It looked at a range of factors from the time of their first drink to the hours spent sunbathing and sightseeing. To see how Sheffield compares to the rest of Britain, visit TravelSupermarket’s interactive infographic here

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket comments: “These findings shed new light on how Britain holidays. Everyone’s motivations are different, but holidays should be about having a great time and Sheffield clearly embodies that spirit. The research also shows that the city’s residents know what they like and are amongst Britain’s most particular travellers, with almost a fifth (19 per cent) also saying they wouldn’t compromise on the quality of restaurants. My advice would be to invest some time in researching their destination of choice and pay close attention to the facilities on offer to ensure it has everything they’re looking for."