Sheffield heart patient is swimming for a healthy life

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A heart patient from Sheffield is making a splash tackling his conditions – just by taking part in swimming sessions.

Andrew Rodgers, from Norton, suffers from atrial fibrillation – a rhythmic disturbance to his heart which causes it to beat irregularly and often leaves him breathless.

The 60-year-old began swimming at Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre, Norton, as part of its GP referral scheme, designed to help people with severe health problems.

Now he has signed up for lessons to continue exercising and improve his performance.

Andrew, who also has a painful foot condition, said: “I hadn’t been swimming for nearly 20 years, but knew it was a good form of exercise.

“I took to swimming because, unlike other exercises, it didn’t put any strain on my heel.

“The lessons are delivered in small groups and my teacher was great.

“I recommend swimming for people of all ages wanting to improve their health.

“In the long term, I am determined to be fitter, to swim better and to get my weight down.

“I’m really pleased with the results so far – I feel better and healthier in myself and have lost half a stone.”

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