Sheffield Hallam voter poll puts Nick Clegg just three points ahead

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg
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Nick Clegg’s party has a three per cent lead over Labour in the Sheffield Hallam ward, according to a recent poll.

On question answered by voters in Lord Ashcroft’s poll found that 28 per cent of people would vote Labour if there was a general election tomorrow, compared to 27 per cent backing the Liberal Democrats.

Overall voting intention figures put Labour at 28 per cent and the Liberal Democrats at 31 per cent.

However the majority of people, or 30 per cent, thought the most likely outcome next May was a Conservative Government.

Labour candidate Oliver Coppard said: “It’s obviously a two horse race here now and has been ever since Nick Clegg betrayed so many of the people who voted for him in 2010.”

The poll found that four per cent of people in the ward would not vote at all.

Also, 15 per cent of people wanted a coalition Government involving the Lib Dems with either Labour or the Conservatives.

When asked to rank how good a job Mr Clegg was doing as party leader between one and ten 17 per cent said zero. Another 15 per cent ranked him in the middle by choosing the number five.

A spokesman for Mr Clegg said: “While we would never take anything for granted, the poll shows Liberal Democrats in first place in Hallam.

“It also shows the Liberal Democrats remaining in Government is the most popular outcome of the election.

“As can be seen by this week’s announcements on road improvements and the 25,000 increase in Sheffield people with a job - Nick Clegg is delivering more for the people of Hallam than the last Labour Government.”