Sheffield hairdresser Marie Andrews retires after after 58-year career

Hairdresser Marie Andrews has hung up her scissors and retired from her Mosborough salon after an amazing 48 years in business.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 4:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 5:02 pm
The Sheffield & District Gentlemen's Hair Styling Academy competitions taking place in the St. Augustine's Hall, March 25, 1963 Seen are the apprentices competitions in progress

Marie, aged 72, started work as a Saturday girl at the age of 14 in Eddie Lyons' hair salon in Frecheville in 1960. Eddie sent the youngster on a course in Leeds and taught her himself. She later became manageress.

In 1970, Marie left to work in Mosborough, taking over that salon a short time later when the owner decided to sell up. She has been boss at Marie’s Hair Salon on Streetfield Crescent ever since.

Retiring Mosborough hairdresser Marie Andrews surrounded by friends, staff, customers and husband Philip, left, on her final day in the salon

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Over the years Marie has trained up many young hairdressers herself, leading to friends calling her Mr Chips after the famous film about a much-loved teacher!

“I never had any family of my own but I always say I’ve had thousands of children,” said Marie.

Later in her career, Marie became a member of the Sheffield branch of the Guild of Hairdressers and served on the advisory panels of Chesterfield College and Castle College, Sheffield, also judging competitions.

She later became provincial master of the guild and ran the Sheffield guild academy. Marie regularly updated her own skills later on and taught them to her stylists.

Kevin Lawson, Sheffield hairdresser, with Julie Stewart - August 1987

She remembers all manner of hair styles over the years, including the geometric cuts she learned in the 1960s and the popular Farah Fawcett Major styles in the 1970s.

The miners' strike was a memorable part of the 1980s. Marie said: “I remember miners' wives had to look like they were managing alright and came to the hairdressers whether they could afford it or not.

“I had to keep calm and carry on and not say anything.”

Marie, who at one time thought about becoming a nurse, often found the salon used as an unofficial first aid post by locals. She also had a customers collapse in the salon and have to be resuscitated by a passing nurse.

Hairdressing - Lauren Wild of Sheffield, May 1990

She said: “I've been a psychiatrist, a counsellor, marriage guidance – it’s all been kept secret. They've taken me into their confidence as they know they've been able to do.”

Over the years, Marie has cut the hair of four generations of the same family. “I have had a strong and supportive client base who have become lifelong friends. They have invited me to wedding and social events," said Marie.

“Mothers or grandmothers bring their daughters and daughters bring their children .

“Even when they’ve moved away they come back to see me. People have moved to Australia and come back to have their hair cut when they visited!” 

Hair Band hair salon, Chapel Walk, Sheffield, and owners Paul and Hilary Oates, September 27, 1989

Marie thanks all the clients who have supported her through the years and decided that at 72 it’s time to hang up those scissors. 

Three years ago, Marie had major surgery followed by treatment at Weston Park Hospital and became unable to work for a time.

Her husband and fellow hairdresser Philip, who had his own salon on the same premises, and staff Tricia and Carole kept the business going until she was able to return part time.

“My big thing is cutting,” said Marie. “People do come to me for my cutting. Even after I wasn’t able to spend any length of time working, I used to cut while the girls permed and blow waved.”

However, now she has stepped away completely and Saturday was her last in the salon as she has sold the business.

“Over the years there has been lots of laughter, drama and tears but through it all I've loved every moment of it,” said Marie.

She is looking forward to making cards, getting fit at over-50s zumba classes, caravanning with Philip and working as a clairvoyant.