Sheffield hairdresser in sex row case ‘smoked cannabis’

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A TRAINEE hairdresser in a sex-for-cash claim smoked a joint with a fellow stylist at her birthday bash, an employment tribunal heard.

A former colleague claimed Iranian Maryam Mashayekhi boasted about taking drugs to staff at the Toni & Guy salon in Sheffield city centre where she worked.

Mrs Masahayekhi has accused her boss Christopher Story of constructive dismissal and sex and race discrimination, all of which he denies.

Senior stylist Glen Lewis said: “She would often boast about taking drugs including ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. She also told me that she would often drink a half or a full bottle of Jack Daniels at night

“Maryam regularly came to work saying she had not slept the night before due to the fact that she had been drinking or taking drugs.

“I recall on one occasion, a few of us went to a Persian restaurant to celebrate Maryam’s birthday. She had brought a marijuana cigarette with her. I even stood in front of the restaurant with her and shared the cigarette with her.”

Mrs Mashayekhi, aged 34, claims while she was work shadowing Mr Story he offered her £10,000 for sex; humiliated her in front of colleagues, called her a prostitute and made comments about her race. She also claims she was called ‘slave’ by other staff.

She quit with severe depression in November 2010.

Hannah Steer, another former ‘shadow’ of Mr Story, 39, said: “The allegations are false. I know him very, very well and know what type of person he is. He taught me and has never spoken to anybody else in that manner.”

Mrs Masahyekhi claims constructive dismissal and sex and race discrimination against George Plus One Ltd, a franchise of which Mr Story’s wife Samantha is sole director, and against Mr Story.

The panel’s decision will be reserved.