Sheffield grandfather beats cancer and becomes bodybuilding world champion

A Sheffield grandfather who was given eight weeks to live has now beaten cancer and won the world championships for bodybuilding.

Monday, 4th February 2019, 09:59 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:18 pm
Denton Wilson, who beat cancer 20 years ago has become the DFAC World Over 60 Master Champion in bodybuilding.

Denton Wilson, who is 63 years old and lives in Gleadless, was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was just 42 years of age.

At the time he said he had no symptoms but visited the doctors after his father had recently died of the same illness. 

Denton Wilson, who beat cancer 20 years ago has become the DFAC World Over 60 Master Champion in bodybuilding.

He had surgery to remove the cancer but refused chemo and radio therapies in favour of natural treatment.

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Denton suffered with depression and even put his girlfriend in another man’s arms at his lowest point. But after making changes to his mindset and diet - such as cutting out processed food and drinking only alkalised water - as well as doing exercise, he eventually recovered.

Now, he is the national and world champion for natural bodybuilding in the masters over 60 category and wants to inspire others. 

“I did a lot of praying and eventually I started to get better and exercise,” said Denton.

Denton Wilson with his bodybuilding trophies

“I got stronger and stronger and got into bodybuilding and went for national champion and then number one in the world which I achieved. Now I want to help other people and show them not to put their head in the sand and that cancer can be beaten - once you have that mindset you can achieve anything you want to.”

Denton works as a personal trainer at Ponds Forge and gives motivational talks on battling with prostate cancer.

He has also written a book about his experiences called ‘A Man Dies Every Hour’, shared his story with millions on Channel 4’s Super Salon, and competed on Britain’s Got Talent.

“Life is important to all of us, we all want to see our grandkids grow up. Cancer can be beaten - I’m living proof of that,” he said. 

Denton Wilson with his world championship winning trophy

“Cancer is a scary place to be but it’s scarier to be under the ground. I had a second chance at life.

“As long as I am here and in people’s eyes it will help motivate them. It’s good for my health to help other people. There is not much caring in the world and there needs to be more - we are all human and we all need a helping hand.”

Denton is now working towards his dream of setting up a homeless centre to help people living on the streets get their livelihoods back. 

Son Marvin Wilson said he is so proud of his father and added: “He continues to show others we can beat cancer, not to give up but to turn the negatives into positive outcomes. It has not been easy but you have to put faith in our creator to fight all the obstacles that come your way.”