Sheffield gran stared hit-and-run driver in the face

Injured pensioner Kathleen Toulson, aged 82, of Burncross, who was involved in a hit and run collision in Hillsborough.
Injured pensioner Kathleen Toulson, aged 82, of Burncross, who was involved in a hit and run collision in Hillsborough.
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A great-grandmother told how she locked eyes with a hit-and-run driver as she landed on her bonnet – then watched in horror as the motorist angrily waved her away and drove off.

Kathleen Toulson, aged 82, a mum-of-eight, said today: “The driver was looking straight at me and waving her hands around.

“I can’t believe she never even wound her window down to see how I was.

“She had no idea how seriously injured I was.

“Surely she must have a conscience?”

Kathleen was struck at the junction of Taplin Road and Middlewood Road in Hillsborough, by a silver Ford Fiesta which failed to stop at the scene.

She said: “I was just a few steps away from getting across the road when I felt this terrible pain in my knee and the next thing I knew I had my hands on the bonnet of a car and I was half laid across it looking through the windscreen at the driver of the car.

“The driver was a woman, who had another woman beside her.

“I was helped to the pavement by a lady from a nearby flower shop - and when we turned round the car had gone.”

Kathleen, who was left badly bruised and shaken by her ordeal, said she was initially frightened to leave her house, but now refuses to allow the driver to affect her life.

The widow, who nursed her late husband Frank for six years before he died aged 86, said: “I rarely left the house when I was caring for my husband, and after this happened I was frightened to go out alone and cross roads.

“But now I am determined not to let this woman beat me.

“I was upset when it first happened but I am a Christian so I don’t hate the woman who did this - I just can’t understand how she could leave me.”

Kathleen, from Burncross, was on her way to her weekly appointment at the hairdresser when she was hit by the car.

“I was very lucky, I know it could have been much worse,” the pensioner added.

“A witness said the driver was telling me to get out of the way as she was approaching me. I know I walk slowly - but I walk even slower now because of the collision.”

PC Melissa Thickett, of South Yorkshire Police’s roads policing group, said: “This incident could have been so much worse.

“The victim is elderly and, unbeknown to the driver, could have been seriously injured.

“The fact the driver made no attempt to stop is reprehensible. ”

Officers are examining CCTV footage from around Hillsborough to try to trace the vehicle. It was a silver Ford Fiesta, possibly with a 2007 plate, which was travelling behind a dark 4x4 towing a caravan.

The driver is believed to have been a middle-aged white woman, and her passenger is also thought to have been a white woman.

Anyone with any information about the collision on April 26 should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.