Sheffield girl’s delight at return of Bear Bear

Four-year-old Leila Jones with her teddy, Bear Bear.
Four-year-old Leila Jones with her teddy, Bear Bear.
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Little Leila Rose was devastated when her beloved Bear Bear got lost on the bus.

But thanks to a kind-hearted teenager who spotted him on the number 53 at Woodseats, the four-year-old has now been reunited with her cuddly toy.

Leila, of Batemoor, was on the bus after a shopping trip with her mum, Rachael Jones, when Bear Bear disappeared.

“We went back to Tesco and he wasn’t there so I crossed over the road and checked four or five buses as they came back,” said Rachael, aged 26.

“Leila was really upset so I posted a picture online.”

A friend of Rachael’s saw the Facebook post and checked the ‘Teddy Bear Lost and Found’ page. Miraculously, local teenager Ciaran Williamson had found him.

Ciaran had posted a picture of Bear Bear with the comment: “Just found this little fella on the bus, looks like it’s been loved so I want to hand it in.”

Rachael got in touch and the following day Ciaran’s mum dropped Bear Bear back home.

“He was just a young lad and you don’t really see things like that any more so I wanted to let people know how grateful I am to him,” said Rachael.

“I washed Bear Bear as he’d been on public transport. I put him in the dryer, and then I put him on the radiator opposite Leila’s bed.

“When she woke up I heard her shout, ‘Wow!’.

“She was really happy and I don’t think she put him down all morning.”