Sheffield girl’s big haircut to raise funds for brain charity

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An eight-year-old girl has had her hair chopped to raise funds for the brain charity who saved her Nan’s life.

Raven Wild raised £420 for Neurocare after her Nan, Barbara Lazenby, aged 61, was treated for a brain aneurysm five years ago.

Raven, from Wybourn, planned the cut years before she attended her hair appointment earlier this month so she could grow her hair to an exact length and then donate it to the Little Princess Trust, while raising funds for Neurocare at the same time.

Raven’s proud mum Rachel said: “Raven and her Nan, are very close. They like going shopping together and Raven likes drawing pictures for her.

“My mum cried when Raven told her that she was raising funds. She was over the moon.

“Raven loves her new hair. As a family, we are extremely proud of what she’s done, given up, and the money raised. It’s fantastic.”

Barbara had been suffering from headaches for a couple of days before she collapsed at her home in 2013.

She was taken to hospital, where doctor’s found a bleed on her brain.

She was rushed to intensive care, where she had surgery to ease the pressure on her brain.

Rachel added: ““We’re a close knit family and were all so upset. Mum woke up the next day and seemed better. The surgeons explained that she would need an operation to fix the aneurysm which caused the bleed.

“After nine weeks in hospital, she was finally home. It’s been a slow recovery, but she fought it every day to come home with us.

“The aneurism has affected her lymph nodes so she is now disabled and partially blind in one eye, but her care was fantastic.”

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