Sheffield gets back to normal after snow chaos

A farmer in Stocksbridge clears snow from local roads in his tractor
A farmer in Stocksbridge clears snow from local roads in his tractor
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Sheffield is slowly returning to normal after snow ground the city to a halt last night.

The main routes were all passable by 5am this morning - although abandoned cars and fallen trees hindered council gritters’ efforts to clear some highways.

On public transport, bus services 19/35/36/42/44/56/70/95 were all still suspended as of midday.

On the Supertram, the purple route was suspended but the yellow and blue routes were running as normal with some delays.

And on the trains, lines have reopened between Huddersfield and Barnsley and Nottingham and Chesterfield after obstructions on the lines were cleared.

The council’s Streets Ahead team, which is responsible for gritting, tweeted: “It’s been a busy night as you can imagine.

“We’ve had 19 gritters out around the clock clearing snow and putting down salt. We’ve laid 700 tonnes of grit/salt overnight and all the priority routes were passable by 5am this morning and are continuing with our efforts on the secondary routes as we tweet.

“We have what we call a ‘snow desk’ in full flight to ensure all that can be done is being done.

“Abandoned cars and fallen trees have hindered efforts in some parts but we’re on it!”

Many residents reported getting stuck in gridlocked traffic last night and others have had to cancel plans today due to the conditions.

On The Star’s Facebook page, Scott Andrew Seaton said: “I had to walk from Crookes to Southey last night, it took me from half 10 to midnight and I didn’t see one gritter on my whole journey.

“I did see loads of abandoned cars, cars which had crashed, I even witnessed a tree collapse because of the added weight of snow as I walked up Herries Road.”

Rebecca Hill said: “The A57 was chaos. Cars skidding trying to get up the hill, people trying to overtake when the cars up the road were clearly stuck, 4x4s overtaking everyone and driving on the wrong side of the road.

“A gritter did turn up and once they had managed to get up the road things started to move again.”

Sharon Savage said: “I’m stuck at home losing a day’s pay and leaving my colleagues that live local to where we work having to cover for me.”

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