Sheffield gardens ‘like a bog’ after long-running leak saga

The garden of Linda Kingsman that has been flooded for months
The garden of Linda Kingsman that has been flooded for months
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Fed-up residents say they are sick of reporting a leak which has left their Sheffield gardens ‘like a bog’ for months.

The leak is coming from the home of council tenant Stephen Grayson, of East Bank Road, Arbourthorne, but also blighting the garden of private tenant Linda Kingsman next door.

Carer Linda, aged 66, said: “We are both sick to death of reporting this and nothing been done.

“The water is coming right up the path - it is about three or four inches deep in my garden.

“It has just got worse and worse - my garden is just like a bog now.”

Mr Grayson, who has lived in the house for 50 years, said a subcontractor for council repair company Kier has twice been out to repair the leak only for it to start again.

Steven, aged 53, said: “As soon as they have repaired it, in a week it is leaking again.

“If you flush the toilet the vibration that the pipes make is alarming - it feels like something will break.

“Because we’ve lost water pressure when you turn on the tap it only comes out at half speed.”

Kier turned up to inspect the leak yesterday after The Star contacted Sheffield Council.

A Kier spokesman said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

“A repair was carried out to the pipe in August and September and a further leak was reported on January 2.

“We are visiting Mr Grayson’s property today to assess the problem so it can be fixed as soon as possible. We understand the situation is frustrating and will assess the possibility of a longer term solution to avoid further issues.”