Sheffield gambling industry campaigner wants to see ‘significant and progressive action’

David Bradford, right, with his son Adam
David Bradford, right, with his son Adam
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A Sheffield campaigner said he will not rest until there are tougher controls on the gambling industry.

Adam Bradford decided to take on the gambling giants after his father, David, was jailed for fraud last year.

David, of Waterthorpe, had stolen money from his employers to fund a secret addiction to gambling which had spiralled completely out of control.

Adam sent an open letter to politicians making calls for more regulation and got an encouraging letter back from Prime Minister David Cameron.

However, Adam said he will not believe ‘simply words’ until ‘significant and progressive action is taken to combat this growing problem.’

He added: “One industry official cast aspersion on Twitter this week to suggest that my father’s gambling is all his own fault, his problem and his burden to deal with. This horrifies me.”